Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Death in Mexican culture- Death is part of life, inevitable and therefore something to laugh at.

Native cultures viewed and view life as a circle, a cycle so to speak; life and time progress in spiral as in difference that the western view or approach to life. In a western point of view your life begins at A and ends at B, a very logical straight forward idea that probably creates fear and despair, since that’s literally the end of the journey. The idea that life is cyclical and that the time and space pass in spiral makes you figure out that you come and go, you pass thru point A, then Point B, the point C and it’s a conception that makes death easier to assume, since death it’s part of life, not the end of it. These native conceptions of time and spaces mixed with the western view, has resulted in a mockery, westerns enforced their believes and natives adopted them with a bit of exaggeration, somewhat sarcasm, somewhat rebelliousness; The result a culture that is not afraid of death, and reluctantly makes fun of it, since it knows some others are afraid of death.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mexican Folk Art- The connection between art and reality

Mexico is a country full of contradictions and mixtures between cultures. It’s a country in development but it seems that way since colonial times; it has never taken a higher step, its always been close to, but the dream slips away. The Spanish came and cohabited among natives. In certain ways their culture permeated and created a mix with the natives (other European colonies were just exploited and the colonists didn't not came to really settle).
The mix that happened in the territory since the Colonial time is what Mexico is now, a mix of tradition, languages, ideas, religions and pure syncretism. Sarcastic, funny, rebellious, a culture that in many ways is full of solitude around friends- this is what Mexican folk/traditional art represents.

Mexican folk is a kaleidoscopic view of our life dramas, accomplishments, failures, paradigms and existence.


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